Artist Rick Kuhn

A native of Connecticut, Rick Kuhn, had a strong attraction to the appearance of his, physical surroundings and color at an early age. Beginning with pencil drawings, Rick, would portray scenes which included architecture, highways, bridges, and street scenes as much as traditional, natural landscapes.

In later years, Rick, relocated to Idaho and began to paint, first in oils and then, acrylics. Working as a professional musician for many years, Rick, traveled extensively throughout the U.S., now portraying the more open and sunlit, western landscape.

Rick is, currently working on a series of acrylic paintings with scenes of Newtown, Connecticut where he, grew up.

Our Happy Customers!

  • Rick is a talented artist, musician, visionary man.  His paintings are realistic and experiencing his art  allows you to stand on Main Street,  touch the rims of a river canyon,  feel the color and texture of blooming fruit trees,  watch the water and life on the canals of Venice, or walk the streets of his early years.   M. Collin


  • " I love the way Rick Kuhn has captured the genuine look of the well known, Newtown Congregational Church  which is near and dear to my heart." "This painting of the General Store is an authentic depiction of how it looked in the 1960's. It holds such a fond memory of my beloved Newtown."  


  • Whenever I look at Rick Kuhn's paintings,  I say to myself, what a wonderful world.

    D. Ellsworth

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